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Fitness is my passion and I'm here to teach, inspire, and clear up some of the misinformation regarding nutrition and fitness.

My purpose is to provide direction and accountability to each client I work with in order to help them achieve their short-term goals and teach them how to stay fit for life.

I am a certified Personal Trainer with experience training clients in gyms, in their homes, and remotely. I hold a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell and the Center for Nutrition Studies. I am also USATF certified as a Level 2 Track and Field Coach specializing in sprints and hurdles.

I offer general nutrition advice, health coaching and training programs for individuals with beginner to intermediate levels of fitness.

I do not create individualized meal plans at this time and you do not have to have a gym membership to work with me.

If you prefer working at home or outdoors, you should have certain equipment to get the most out of your training.


DEVI Fitness Online Coaching is a customized 12-week training regimen designed to improve your well-being and get you in better shape!

Looking for Women Who Are:

  1. Self-motivated and able to take direction

  2. Open to eating a healthier plant-based diet to improve their wellness

  3. Ready to make a lifestyle change and become their best self

  4. Able to commit to a program for the minimum recommended time frame

  • It is recommended you have some previous experience working out and have no major physical limitations.

  • You should feel comfortable performing exercises using various equipment, machines, and free weights on your own.

  • You must be able to commit to regular progress check-ins via e-mail, virtual meetings, and/or in-person meetings

  • You must be self-driven, willing to challenge yourself and follow a wellness program for the entire duration in order to get the results you desire


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