DEVI Fitness began in New York City during the summer of 2015 as a women's-only outdoor strength and conditioning class.

Today it is evolving into a premium lifestyle brand that empowers women through fitness and health coaching.

Darlene's Story

My Fitness Journey Began As an Adult.

I never played sports growing up and I wasn't a very "active" kid. From what I remember I was a bit health-conscious but I liked what I like. I could get by eating what I wanted because I was naturally slim. Regardless, I'd always struggled with sadness, low energy, self-esteem issues, and anxiety. However, to the world I projected a quiet confidence.


In college, I tried different forms of movement (running, yoga, gymnastics, kickboxing, and weight-training) but I didn't stick with any modality long enough to become skilled. Once I graduated college, I went straight into the traditional world of corporate America. It wasn't long before I started feeling unfulfilled at work and questioning purpose. One day I stood in front of my bedroom mirror grabbing at the fat around my stomach, shamelessly self-loathing when a thought struck me like a slap in the face.

Stop criticizing yourself and do something about it already.


Everything changed in that instant. Something finally clicked.

I finally became AWARE that for years I had been repeating the same negative thoughts to myself about my body. My self-talk game was poor and these thoughts created low-energy emotional states that made me doubt myself and I realized that only I had the power to heal myself.


I live in this body. How do I learn to use it and love it? 


I had no one to guide me in the right direction with my health.  I had no idea how to start exercising but I was determined to at least change the way I thought about myself. I had videos to The INSANITY Workout on my laptop. So I started with that. Everyday after work, 5-6 days a week, for 6 weeks, I faithfully did the workouts. It was incredibly intense for a complete newbie but I'll never forget the moment I did my first push-up without falling on my face! What a proud moment.


I slowly got back into jogging with an avid running partner and with their encouragement, I signed up for my first 10k race and joined a nearby gym. I wanted to learn how to look super fit like athletes and bikini models so I consumed articles and videos on nutrition, weight lifting, bodybuilding, and bikini model workouts. Soon I was weight training 1-2 hours a day, 4-5 days a week and running regularly.


I became addicted to the way my mindset was transforming and the strength I was developing.




A couple of years into the fitness lifestyle inspired me to start a new career as a Personal Trainer to help other people discover themselves more deeply by embracing a healthier lifestyle.


Over the last decade, I've had the privilege of lifting tens of thousands of pounds, running hundreds of miles outdoors, training alongside elite sprinters and gifted athletes, competing in races and track meets, boxing with former professionals, swimming laps in the ocean, and going on long hikes.


Fitness changed my life for the better and my goal is to help you use fitness to discover a deeper sense of presence, joy, and gratitude for life.