Thoughts on Attractivenes You Are with These Questions

Physical beauty is biologically, culturally, and psychologically defined.

However, attraction is deeper than physical beauty.

People we find attractive exude a magnetism.

They're sexy, charming, charismatic, and well put-together.

Biologically - What is most appealing to the human eye is symmetry in another person's face and the shape of one's body. For men, it's a woman’s waist-to-hip ratio and for women, it's a man’s waist-to-shoulder ratio.

Culturally - Media plays an influence into cultural standards of beauty in contemporary society. Consider how European culture has influenced American standards of beauty over time.

Psychologically - a person's demeanor and personality influences our attraction to them more than we know.

Humans and all animals are innately attracted to people that display physical characteristics that increase chances of reproducing healthy babies. We are attracted to people that are confident, intelligent, successful, and popular. In some ways we wish to assume the traits we like most about them. We assume that attractive people are intrinsically good and unattractive people are bad. But many beautiful people are judged on their outer appearance and perceived as selfish, vain, high maintenance, shallow, or empty.

what you believe, what you do, what you eat, and how you train defines you.

Below are 10 questions for self-reflection to help you determine the thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself. Feel free to grab a pen and paper and allow your thoughts to flow on this one.

Self-reflection questions:

  1. What is my most attractive physical feature?

  2. What do I care the most about?

  3. What are some of my best qualities?

  4. When do I feel most like myself?

  5. Am I kind to others and myself?

  6. How do I show others I love them?

  7. What makes me feel most loved?

  8. Am I able to influence others by being who I am?

  9. What are some of my self-care practices?

  10. What is one action I could take today to love my physical body more?

Embrace and own the belief that you are attractive and beautiful.


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